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About Annalize

I am an animal lover, a mother to many fur babies and absolutely blessed to have the opportunity to follow my passion and higher calling to work with animals and their owners.

I am an Animal Communicator, qualified & registered Specialized Kinesiologist and TRE Provider residing in the Vaal Triangle. I am registered with ASKSA (Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa). My main focus is on Equines and Canines; however, I am open and willing to adapt my skills to work with any animal.

Kinesiology came into my life as part of my own self-healing journey. I soon realized how powerful this work was after working with people and seeing the changes it has made in their lives. As I have always had a passion and immense love and connection with animals, I became more involved with animal shelters, assisting in rescuing and fostering lost and / or abused/neglected animals. While doing so, I saw the need for these animals to be helped with their own healing journey, and how my work could assist them. I then decided to dedicate my skills to assist animals in their healing process and to give back to these beloved beings that accept without judgment, trust without fear and love us unconditionally no matter the circumstance. What an honor and privilege to have befallen me.

It is my belief that animals are here to assist us in our lives, to have experiences and learn lessons in order for us to grow as human beings. Unfortunately, this means that animals also carry our stressors amongst their own survival stress, which can cause behavioral and/or physical issues. That is why it is so important to help the animal clear physical, mental, emotional and energetic blocks that affect their general well-being. It is also very important to work with the owner alike to ensure a better outcome.

My aim is to restore balance through healing, enhance understanding between humans and animals, and facilitate a deeper bond and connection with your animal companion.

I run a mobile practice as I find it best for animal and owner alike, to work within a familiar environment. I do however also offer distance healing sessions and animal communication from the privacy of my home.