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Samantha’s Testimonial:

Years ago, I injured my shoulder, but never received the correct treatment for it so I suffered in silence taking pain pills, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. Nothing worked long term. In fact, the medication all seemed to become ineffective.

I decided to take the natural healing approach and made an appointment with Annalize for a Kinesiology session. I had no idea of what to expect, so when she started tapping my wrist and doing her “thing” on my whole arm, I admit, I had my doubts but I was desperate. I only went to her for two sessions and have not had a day’s pain in my shoulder since. An added bonus was that I felt more balanced within myself.

Because I was so impressed with her work, I asked her to work with my dogs. I’ll mention each one separately:

Poppet, a little yorkie cross maltese, that I had rescued a few months prior was battling to settle in with my other animals and if I left the house, on my return she would cry and bite my legs in desperation. If I was sitting on the couch and called her, she would crouch down as if in fear. It was heart-breaking to watch and very frustrating, because as much as I was trying to make her feel comfortable and loved and at home, she just didn’t seem to understand that she was finally safe.

When Annalize came in to work with her, she picked up a number of issues that the vet actually verified afterwards. Poppet had been abused (her rib had been broken) and she’d been used for breeding. After the first session, I saw a huge difference in her. She started jumping up on my lap, playing with the other dogs and was more confident in general. Annalize worked gently and made sure she was comfortable and told me that she may need a few more sessions. This beautiful little fur girl finally feels loved and safe.

Scrappy, my oldest boy was mourning the loss of his brother. (Or that’s what I thought the only issue was). He started to withdraw and mope around the house. Holding him and comforting him just didn’t seem to help. Annalize worked with him and it turned out that not only was he mourning, but he needed more protein in his diet and he was starting with arthritis in his front leg. After his healing session, I put him on a higher protein diet and it really helped him.

Annalize recommended various natural supplements, which I now have him on, and the vet confirmed that he has the onset of arthritis. I am super impressed with the work Annalize has done and if it sounds like I am singing her praises, it’s because I am. Annalize, you have truly helped us and for that I am forever grateful!!

You have a natural gift for healing. Thank you!!!


Fiona’s Testimonial:

Fifi our much loved family pet, was run over by a negligent driver, just over a year ago. The Medical prognosis was very negative. She had a fractured sternum, injured back, misaligned spine, fractured hind leg, abdominal swelling and a broken pelvis. She was off her food, yet she hung onto life, her eyes bright and always responded when the family came to visit her. Advice given by a well- respected vetinarian, was that the responsibility lay with the family, but her chances for recovery were slim, and her quality of life poor.

It was a trying time for us, as we wrestled with the decision of whether it was humane to euthanize her or whether in clinging on, we were being selfish. Upon advice we were requested to take her home, as the medical treatment she was receiving was all that could be done, with the exception of expensive surgery with no guarantees that she would recover. We took her home, made her as comfortable as we could, administered antibiotics and painkillers daily and prayed for a miracle.

Through a mutual friend we were introduced to Annalize. This was a turning point in Fifi’s treatment and process of recovery. A visible and definitive change for the better was evident, from the first treatment. Fifi responded rapidly to the therapy. Within a short time, she became mobile. Initially this was limited to getting out of her bed to do her “business”. Then later she began exploring the house, then to our great surprise and joy, when we took her out into the garden began to follow the other dogs, even scrambling to the fence to bark at the neighbours’ dogs.

Today she has adjusted well to her new life. She lets us know when she needs to go out, she has developed her own way of moving, given her challenges. She roams the garden, albeit she walks a short stretch, rests, then walks some more until she gets to wherever she needs or wants to. She has not developed callouses on her hind legs that so many dogs in her situation do. She has a healthy appetite, barks at strangers and other dogs, and has a quality life. This is all due to the magic that Annalize, has worked on her.

Ansar alias “Small Boy”, is our Pintabian gelding. He has a very nervous personality, and is a challenging ride. It’s not that he doesn’t try, it’s just that he is suspicious and nervous of everything. He is the stereotypical horse that is afraid of “everything that moves and everything that doesn’t move.” His diet was adjusted to minimise any feed that may give him too much energy, various calming remedies were tried. All were of limited value. He has a particular way of dropping his shoulder, within a split of a second, at any gait that has his rider flying over his head.

Despite all of this he is a friendly, intelligent horse that loves attention and being around people. After the first session with Annalize it was apparent that something had changed, it was as if he suddenly realised he could communicate. On the ride the day after his therapy, it was possible to ride him out on a looser rein than normal. The spooking was limited to one incident on that ride. He improved to the point that, long solo rides were becoming possible, with a good chance of returning home on his back and not having to walk home. During his third session Annalize, within a few minutes of her therapy discovered he was in intense pain. Any form of lameness was not evident that morning when I had fed him and had gone to work. We discovered a “bowed” tendon. Had it not been for Annalize, we would not have known until that evening when I got back from work that something was wrong. He is currently resting, and not showing any signs of lameness, but being given the rest period that such an injury requires.